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Recessed Retractable Privacy and Solar Screens

Recessed Retractable Privacy and Solar Roll Screens

Here in Alabama, we’re fortunate to get pleasant weather throughout most of the year. That’s why so many local homeowners have decided to upgrade their outdoor living spaces for year-round enjoyment. If you’d like to get more use out of your own outdoor space, consider installing retractable solar screens with the help of Sun Solutions!

We specialize in installing high-quality screens that will instantly upgrade your patio or deck so it’s more comfortable to use. To learn more about how we can transform your outdoor area, please call us at 256-822-4228 or contact us online.


Quality Recessed Retractable Privacy Solar Screens in Alabama

When you want to expand your usable living area to the outdoors, adding a retractable solar screen is one of the best ways to do it. Our motorized screen options help to block out the sun when you want, but they can roll up in a matter of seconds when you want plenty of vitamin D.


How Do Retractable Solar Screens Work?

When you decide to install a retractable solar screen with the help of Sun Solutions, we’ll install a horizontal housing in your desired location. Our housings come in a number of different finishes so you can choose an option that discreetly blends in with the rest of your outdoor space.

When you want to use it, a heavy-duty yet quiet motor will release the solar screen and lower it to your desired length. When you’re done using the screen, it will roll back up into the housing for a seamless look.


Retractable Solar Screen Features

As you decide whether a retractable solar screen is the right choice for your outdoor space, consider the features of this convenient shade option.

Customizable Size

All of our retractable privacy and solar screens are customized for your specific needs. When you hire Sun Solutions for your installation, our experts will come out to your home, take accurate measurements, and create a solar screen system that perfectly fits in the space.

Easy-to-Use Button

Our retractable solar screens couldn’t be easier to use! To release the screen from the housing, all you have to do is press a button to retract it. From there, you choose exactly how far down it should go, giving you the perfect amount of shade. When you’re ready for it to roll back up, simply press the button again; that’s all there is to it.

High-Quality Parts

Here at Sun Solutions, we believe in providing only the best products to our customers. All of our retractable solar screens are made with high-quality parts that are designed with durability in mind. The quiet motor won’t disturb you when you retract the screen on a relaxing day.

Likewise, the screen itself is made from our tightest mesh fabric to provide a thick barrier between your family and the outdoors. While they offer the ultimate protection, they won’t completely block your view, so you can still enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors.

Mesh Options

To help ensure you get the exact screen that you want, we offer a variety of different mesh options. You can choose which color will best suit your outdoor space, how open the screen fabric will be, and more so you can create a beautiful and functional outdoor space for your family.

Motorized Screen Tracks

Our retractable solar screens have parallel tracks along the sides of the opening for superior performance. They are also weighted on the bottom, which helps to keep them on track. Our skilled installers can install these tracks so they are hidden for a sleek look that will look great in any outdoor space.


Benefits of a Retractable Solar Screen

Are you still wondering if a retractable solar screen is the best option for your outdoor living space? Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits you can enjoy by adding one to your home.

Protection From Pesky Insects

Here in Alabama, we are no strangers to critters like spiders, mosquitos, and other bugs. These insects can put a damper on the time you spend outside, especially in the summer. What if you could enjoy the breeze outside without having to cover yourself in bug spray or swat away the bugs?

With a retractable solar screen, you can! The screen will keep bugs out of your outdoor space so you, your kids, and your pets steer clear of any dangerous insect bites. You can even pair it with Spider Docktor to keep the bugs out and away!

More Privacy in Your Backyard

Do you find that you don’t spend as much time outside because you have no privacy from your neighbors? With our retractable privacy and solar screens, you’ll enjoy a subtle barrier between you and the outside world.

While the screens aren’t solid, they’ll offer you a sense of privacy at the push of a button. Feeling neighborly? You can roll up your screen at any time!

Protection From the Harsh Sun

If you ask us, few things are more relaxing than soaking up the sun on a summer day. However, too much exposure to harsh UV rays can take a toll on your health. By installing a retractable solar screen, you can safely enjoy plenty of time outside while shading yourself when you need a break from the sun.

Our solar screens are specifically designed to block 97% of dangerous UV rays, helping to keep your space cooler and protecting your patio furniture from fading over time.

Protection From Other Weather Extremes

Don’t let a little rain put a damper on your time outside! Your solar screen will help keep your patio area dry during light rain, so you can get more use out of your space, even when the weather isn’t cooperating.

This also helps to ensure that your patio furniture and decorations stay dry, which can help them last longer.


Where to Install a Recessed Retractable Solar Screen

When you’re trying to decide where to install your recessed retractable privacy or solar screen, it’s important to think beyond the patio. There are several places we can install this screen system so you can get maximum enjoyment out of your home. We have a few ideas below to leave you feeling inspired.

Retractable Roll screen installed on your garage.

Garage Doors

If you want more usable space around your home, consider converting your garage into a more functional area. Whether you plan to use your garage as a fun hangout spot, a workshop, or anything in between, consider installing a retractable solar screen on the door entrance.

This will offer you privacy while you’re in the garage and provide better ventilation if you’re working with chemicals or cleaners.

Retractable roll screen for your sunroom.

Four-Season Rooms

Extend your living space out into your backyard with a comfortable sunroom or four-season room. By adding a recessed retractable solar screen to the space, you can spend more time in it, while staying comfortable in the process.

This is a great option if you want to add a hot tub to your outdoor area, and you want extra privacy and protection against windy or rainy weather.

Retractable roll screens for your patio or balcony.

Patios, Porches, and Balconies

A retractable solar screen truly works in almost any outdoor space that you can imagine. Whether you want to have the option to close off your existing patio, or you like the idea of a screened-in porch but want to open it at your leisure, our solar screen is a great option for your home.

When you meet with our experts, we’ll sit down with you and talk about your ideas, helping you choose the perfect spot for your new solar screen system.


Why Choose Sun Solutions?

For years, we have been the name to trust when it comes to outdoor living shade solutions in Alabama and the Florida panhandle. We provide only the highest quality products to our clients and we believe that excellent customer service is essential to success. We also offer convenient financing options so your project can better fit your budget.

When you hire us to install your retractable solar screen, we’ll guide you through the process every step of the way, ensuring that you get the upgraded outdoor living space of your dreams.


Schedule Your Recessed Retractable Solar Screen Today

Don’t wait any longer to upgrade your patio, balcony, garage, or sunroom with a high-quality solar screen. When you’re ready to take the next step and talk to our experts about your project, please don’t hesitate to call us at 256-822-4228 or contact us online.


Retractable Solar Screen FAQs

How should I clean my screen when it gets dirty?

You can use a soft-bristled broom to gently remove debris, bugs, and dirt from your screen. If you notice stains on your screen, you can use warm water, mild dish soap, and a soft cloth to wipe it down. If you want to rinse your solar screen, never use a power washer, which can damage the fabric. Instead, you can use a garden hose to do the job.

Are there automation options for retractable solar screens?

Yes! Our screens come with a handheld remote, but you can also control them using a smartphone app for extra convenience. Additionally, our screens are compatible with most home automation systems.

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