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Vinyl Enclosures

Do you dream of using your patio space even when the weather is less than pleasant? With the help of Sun Solutions and our vinyl enclosures, you can! We are proud to install high-quality patio enclosures designed to make your outdoor living space more comfortable whether it’s sunny, rainy, windy, or chilly.

No matter what kind of ideas you have in mind for your patio space, we can bring them to life for you. If you’re interested in learning more about our sun and shade solutions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 256-822-4228 or contact us online to request a free quote for your upcoming project.


Vinyl Enclosures for Local Homeowners

With a vinyl enclosure installed by Sun Solutions, you can have the best of both worlds: you can enjoy the great outdoors when you want to, and then you can block out inclement weather when needed.

Our vinyl enclosure options are customized to your space, helping you create a beautiful and functional patio area that your whole family will enjoy using throughout the year.


What Is a Vinyl Enclosure?

Vinyl patio enclosures have clear, window-like panels that allow you to experience all the beauty of the outside world, with none of the inconveniences. There is a motorized retractable clear vinyl panel, allowing you to raise and lower the panels as you see fit.

Many of our customers like the flexibility of a vinyl enclosure, as they can enjoy sun and rain protection as needed, without being “locked in” to a permanent enclosure.

The clear vinyl panels feature glass-like clarity, so you won’t lose out on your spectacular view, and they are easy to maintain, even years after installation.


Benefits of Installing a Vinyl Enclosure

Are you still trying to decide if a vinyl enclosure is the right option for your backyard area? Consider the following benefits of adding one to your patio:

Weather Protection

Vinyl enclosures offer excellent protection from harmful UV rays, heavy rain, and blowing winds. To give you extra peace of mind, our vinyl enclosures are waterproof and resistant to mold growth, helping to keep your patio area safe and clean.

Bug Protection

We get our fair share of mosquitoes, spiders, and other pests here in Alabama. By adding a vinyl enclosure to your patio space, you can keep these critters out so you get more enjoyment out of your backyard.

Additional Living Space

Do you dream of having extra space to entertain guests? Adding a vinyl enclosure to your patio can help you extend your living space outside, no matter what the weather is like.

Boost in Property Value

Adding a high-quality vinyl enclosure to your patio can have a positive impact on your property value, as prospective buyers look for upgraded backyards when house shopping.


Keep Your Vinyl Enclosure Warm With a Bromic Heat System

If you want to keep your patio area warm and toasty during the winter months, consider pairing your vinyl enclosure with a Bromic heat system installed by our experts. These superior outdoor heating systems come in a variety of styles and sizes and have an impressive warranty, so your outdoor space will stay warm, no matter what the weather is like outside.

Bromic heat systems must be installed by a qualified electrician, and we are proud to offer that service to our customers. When you meet with us for a free consultation, ask us which Bromic heat system will work best in your space!


Why Choose Sun Solutions?


We are proud to be a family-owned and operated business that has been working with North Alabama homeowners for generations. When you hire us for your vinyl enclosure installation, you can feel confident that we’ll take the time to listen to your needs, communicate with you throughout the project, and deliver best-in-class customer service every step of the way.


Schedule Your Vinyl Enclosure Installation Today

Are you ready to get more use out of your patio area this year? Don’t wait any longer to start planning your vinyl enclosure installation. To request a free quote, please call 256-822-4228 or contact us online.


FAQs About Vinyl Enclosures

Will the panels on my vinyl enclosure turn yellow or cloudy?

No, the vinyl enclosures we install are treated with UV protection, so they won’t discolor over time as other vinyl materials might.


How do I keep my vinyl enclosure clean?

We recommend cleaning your vinyl enclosure a few times per year by rinsing it off with a garden hose. Then, you can use a gentle cloth and mild detergent to wash off dirt and debris as needed, working one section at a time.

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