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Aluminum Pergolas

Aria Extruded Aluminum Pergola

What is preventing you from spending more time enjoying the great outdoors in your own backyard? If you’re like many local homeowners, you don’t get much use out of your patio area because it doesn’t have any protection against the Alabama elements. We have good news! Our aluminum pergolas are the perfect solution to turn your outdoor living area into a more usable space for your whole family.

Are you curious to see if an aluminum pergola is the perfect addition to your backyard? We’ve gathered all the information you need. When planning your outdoor living upgrades, you’re bound to have questions. We encourage you to reach out to our experts at any time by calling 256-822-4228 or contacting us online.


Aluminum Pergolas to Upgrade Your Space

Our high-quality aluminum pergolas are just what you need to take your patio space from boring to beautiful. These open structures have solid support beams and an operable roof so you can enjoy as much or as little shade as you want at any given time.

Installing one in your backyard can make it easier for you to enjoy your patio space throughout the year, even when our Alabama weather is unpredictable.


How Does Aluminum Compare to Other Pergola Materials?

When you decide to add a pergola to your backyard, there are several different materials from which you can choose. How does aluminum stack up against some other popular material options? Let’s take a closer look.

Plastic Pergolas

While plastic is a cost-effective material for a pergola, it’s not the best investment you can make for your backyard. That’s because, even with proper care, plastic pergolas tend to only last a few years before they need to be replaced.

Vinyl Pergolas

Vinyl is another popular option for some newer pergolas, also because it’s cost-effective. However, vinyl pergolas are not very strong, and varying temperatures can cause the material to become brittle and crack.

Wooden Pergolas

Perhaps one of the most popular pergola materials, using wood can give your backyard a charming, rustic feel. This natural material can last around 15 years if it’s properly maintained, but it is vulnerable to damage from moisture and insects, which can cause it to degrade faster. Wooden pergolas are also prone to rotting over time.

Wrought Iron Pergolas

If you want a beautifully classic look, you might think a wrought iron pergola is the way to go. While it is strong and impact-resistant, it is very prone to rust, which can shorten its lifespan. Unless you want to spend time rust-proofing the structure, it’s probably not a good choice for your backyard.

Aluminum Pergolas

Unlike all of these other materials, aluminum is built to last for decades! This exceptionally durable material isn’t prone to cracking, warping, or rotting, and it is safe from pest infestations. Aluminum pergolas also have a protective coating which helps to protect against fading, and they require very little maintenance.


Benefits of an Aluminum Pergola

Are you still trying to decide if an aluminum pergola is the right choice for your backyard? Let’s explore some of the benefits of adding one to your outdoor living area.

Allows for Better Airflow

With some patio covers, you’ll get the ultimate protection from the elements, but you won’t be able to feel a gentle breeze roll through your yard. If you want to be able to control the airflow in your space, a motorized aluminum pergola is just what you need.

With the touch of a button, you can adjust the louvers on your pergola to let in the fresh air while you relax outside.

Easy and Convenient to Use

With our motorized aluminum pergolas, you can create the perfect vibe in your backyard, with very little effort. Complete with built-in sensors, your pergola will automatically close when rain is detected to keep your space dry.

Improve Your Backyard’s Visual Appeal

If you want to transform the look of your backyard instantly, adding a beautiful aluminum pergola is a great way to do it. Available in a range of color options, you can create a thoughtfully designed space that can add value to your home should you decide to sell it in the future.

Outdoor Eating Area

How would you like to spend a nice evening outside enjoying a meal with your family? Adding an aluminum pergola to your backyard can help you create a comfortable, open-air eating area, while still providing plenty of shade as needed. Just think about the amazing dinner parties you can throw after your pergola installation is complete.

Protection From the Rain

When your aluminum pergola is closed, it offers watertight protection, so you can still enjoy your patio area even when light rain rolls through the area. This not only makes for a more comfortable outdoor living area, but it also helps protect your outdoor furniture and decor from water damage every time it rains. 

Buffer Against Heavy Winds

Unlike some of the other materials that we discussed above, aluminum pergolas are durable and strong so they are a tough match for heavy winds. Adding an attached aluminum pergola to your backyard offers excellent window protection, so you can stay comfortable outside even when an unexpected gust blows through.

Helps Block Dangerous UV Rays

There’s nothing better than sitting outside on a sunny day, but too much exposure to UV rays can damage your skin. To help ensure that you get a healthy dose of vitamin D without overdoing it, add an aluminum pergola to your outdoor living area.

When closed, your pergola will block out the direct sun, helping to protect you, your patio furniture, and plants from excess sunlight. When you’re ready to soak in the rays, simply open the louvers and let the sunshine in.



How to Maintain and Care for an Aluminum Pergola

One of the many reasons our customers choose aluminum pergolas is that they are easier to maintain compared to other materials. After investing in this upgrade to your space, here are a few tips to ensure your pergola looks great for years to come.

Regular Cleaning

If you notice dirt or debris on your aluminum pergola, you can easily clean it to bring it back to its former glory. All you need to do is use a soft-bristled brush and a mild detergent to gently scrub away the grime. You can also use a garden hose to rinse it down as needed. We recommend cleaning your pergola a few times per year to keep it in the best shape possible.

Tree Trimming

Another thing you can do to help keep your aluminum pergola looking great is to trim back any trees, bushes, or shrubs that are near it. This will help prevent excess debris from falling on the roof and keep branches from scratching the aluminum. If you do trim back your trees, be sure to follow proper safety guidelines to avoid injury and damage to your property.


Why Choose Sun Solutions?

Anytime you want to make changes to an area of your home, choosing the right contractor for help is the key to success. Here at Sun Solutions, providing excellent customer service is the driving force behind everything we do. We are here to be a trusted resource for you, helping you make the best possible decisions for your outdoor living area so you can get more enjoyment out of your space.

When you’re searching for the right aluminum pergola for your patio, you can count on us to show you different models, offer financing options, and complete the installation quickly and efficiently so you can start using your upgraded backyard as soon as possible.


Schedule Your Aluminum Pergola Installation Today

Don’t wait any longer to get the updated backyard of your dreams! With the help of our experts at Sun Solutions, you can enjoy plenty of shade and protection from the elements all with a stylish pergola that will last for decades. When you’re ready to learn more about our aluminum pergola options and request a free quote for your installation, please don’t hesitate to call us at 256-822-4228 or contact us online.


FAQs About Aluminum Pergolas

How do I choose the right size aluminum pergola for my backyard?

The most important thing to keep in mind is the size and dimensions of your home. The idea is to choose a pergola size that complements the rest of your house rather than clashes with it. In terms of height, we usually recommend a minimum of 7 ½ feet to provide enough headroom.

What are some ways I can customize my aluminum pergola?

To make your aluminum pergola your own, you can customize it with any of the following:


The only real limit is your imagination!

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